Since five years I am part of the school which is called HLW. At first I was a little bit afraid because I knew nobody from my class. But know I am proud to say that these girls in my class are the best friends I ever had.
So it was very easy to learn and to study.
I could not believe it but the time went by so quickly. After a relativly short time I was in the third form. At the beginning we flew to London. In London we visited a lot of famous bildings and places. For example the Milleniums Bridge or Big Ben. Then we had to work for two weeks in different work places. I think I had the best work place because I worked in a restaurant. I was allowed to bring my guests something to eat and of course something to drink. I will never forget this great experience.

At the end of the third form we had to make an internship. I worked in a restaurant for golfer. My collegues and I had lots of fun together but it was also hard work. In these three months I learnd what it means to work hard, fast and carefully.

Then in the fourth form we went to Italy to improve our Italian. Here we lived, like in England, at hostfamilies. During the week we had to attend the school and in the afternoon we had an culture programm. I really enjoyed this week in Florence.

On the whole I can say that I am happy that I chose this school because I like my classmates at sometimes I also like the schoollessons.

Now I am working very hard for good marks and of course for my exam! :)

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