Something about myself (:

First of all I would like to thank you that you are visiting my homepage! :)
My Name is Theresa F. and I am attending the fifth form of the HLW. This year is my senior year. That means that I'm going to have my leaving exams.

The HLW is specialized on language, cooking, economic and tourism.

Since 2007 I am a studend at the HLW Köflach. The HLW offers you a lot of activities. The activity I liked the most was the work experience in Exeter. I had to work for two weeks in a coffe shop to improve my english.

It was a great experience because I could see how the British life is.

Last year we had to do an internship. I worked in a restaurant for golfer. It was also a great experience for me because now I know what it means to work in an restaurant or in the kitchen. I really enjoyed it to work there.

I started with school at the age of 7.

At first I attended the primary school.
Then I went to the secondary school.
And now I am attending the HLW.



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