Of course I am not everyday in school. :) In my leasure time I like to meet my friends. We often go out together or we make some other funny things.


Now I would like to talk about my favourite Bands and TV series.
One of my favourite Bands is called 'The Blanks'. I love this band because I am great Scrubs-Fan. The Band leader is the judge from Scrubs. I love this A-Capella Band because they can sing every song so awesome. I really really like this band.

(picture: it's my with one of my best friends Anne and The Blanks!!)

As I just said Sam Lloyd is one of the band member from The Blanks. And so one of my favourite TV series is Scrubs.

I love Scrubs because it is a funny and sometimes sad hospital-comedy-series. The main part is played by Zach Braff. He plays J.D. and I think he is doing a very good job. :) I think everybody knows Scrubs. And so I don't have to say much about this great series.

I also like music by The Fray. I don't know why but I think I like the voice of the bandleader. One of my favourite songs is called 'How to save life'. The music is sometimes really sad and calm. So in winter I like to hear that kind of music. :)

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